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We are the Go-To Global Platform For Women Entrepreneurs Who Want To Get Funded Faster.

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Our Mission

Our Why

Getting Funded is harder for women entrepreneurs. Today, women-only founding teams only access 2.8% of all venture capital worldwide and this average figure has not changed in 30 years! (source Harvard Kennedy School)

Latest research* shows that funding Women Entrepreneurs is a $5 Trillion Opportunity for the Global Economy and can increase global GDP by 6%.(source BCG).

Our mission is to help make that happen.

Our Vision

Together, we will re-ignite the Global Economy, By Funding Women Entrepreneurs

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Our Story

How it all began

When our founder, Anne Ravanona first learned about the $1.7 Trillion Gender Funding Gap in 2012, she decided to do something about it. She always knew she would become an entrepreneur and when she life threw her some bitter lemons, she knew it was time. So in 2013, before it was trendy to talk about funding for female founders, she set up Global Invest Her as the go-to platform for Women Entrepreneurs to learn about Funding.

Building a deep international understanding of The Funding Gap

Our early years were mainly B2C focused, to really understand funding from the female founders perspective through our events, webinars, and trailblazing women interviews. We also spread the word about funding women entrepreneurs to female founders, investors and ecosystem players through our TEDx and speaking at tech and entreprreneurship conferences. Global Invest Her became known as a global brand with high quality information on funding for female founders, and built strong relationships and partnerships with investors and global funding ecosystem players.

Birth of our Brand

We worked with global branding specialist Gustavo Stecher at Menos es Mas to bring our new brand visual identity to life.

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Moving forward: Supporting the Funding Ecosystem

We now focus on both B2B and B2C, helping more funding ecosystem players (investors, corporates, accelerators, government bodies and women entrepreneur networks) scale their actions to support more female founders getting funded worldwide. Since 2016, we’ve worked with AXA, EY and Dell, Enterprise Ireland and ecosystem partners reach out to and support female founders and convince more investors to fund them. We’re only getting started! Founders, Investors, Allies - let's change the Funding Game, make it more inclusive and grow the global economy. The more women entrepreneurs we get funded, the bigger the impact we’ll make and all benefit from.

What we stand for


Quality Information you can trust


Help smash the Funding Ceiling for Women
Increase Gender Equality


Positive, Practical, Purposeful


Because Together we are Stronger

Meet Our Founder

Anne Ravanona

Anne Ravanona, Founder & CEO is an international, passionate women’s advocate, on a mission is to help change the Funding Game, so that more women entrepreneurs get access to funding to grow their businesses. Because it’s the right thing to do and will grow our global economy.

Since 1994, she’s been working in global business development, management and leadership consulting to major blue chip multinationals across many sectors. Truly international, she speaks 5 European languages, has traveled to over 60 countries thanks to her pilot husband and loves learning about new cultures. In 2013, she decided to help more women entrepreneurs learn about funding, setting up Global Invest Her.

When she’s not working working on projects with key ecosystem partners to help change the funding system, she loves mentoring startups as Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, judging startup pitch competitions, raising international awareness through speaker engagements and hosting the InvestHer Podcast.

Anne is the proud mother of two feminist teenagers, Emily and Ethan and loving owner of rescue dog Elio. You’ll find her checking out exhibitions, enjoying foodie experiences and going on long walks with Elio in her local park.

Meet Our Team

Anne Ravanona

Anne Ravanona

Founder & CEO

Rick Michael Nassar

Rick Michael Nassar

Growth Hacking

Savannah Saunders

Savannah Saunders

Research Assistant

Inma Martinez

Inma Martinez

GIH Advisor

Venture Partner / Deeptech Ventures

Anya Navidski

Anya Navidski

GIH Advisor

Founding Partner / Voulez Capital

Shelly Porges

Shelly Porges

GIH Advisor

Founder of Beyond the Billion

Gustavo Stecher

Gustavo Stecher

GIH Advisor

Global Branding / UI Specialist

Siri Chilazi

Siri Chilazi

GIH Advisor

Research Fellow, Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School

Our Values

Our Values


We bring about change in a dynamic, positive and challenging way, to help our clients, organizations and communities change the status quo and create new opportunities for growth.

Global Mindset

We are open-minded, curious people, keen to learn about different cultures and apply our learning directly, to continuously adapt how we do things to meet our clients/partners needs.


We are ‘do-ers’, we take initiative and move things forward in a pragmatic way to meet our clearly defined goals and outcomes.


We work together with an open heart and win-win mindset, to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships, with our stakeholders and the community at large.


Everything we do, comes from the basis of absolute respect and integrity towards our clients, colleagues, partners, communities and the environment.

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