What sets the most successful entrepreneurs apart from those who struggle to survive is having experienced Mentors to help them on their journey.

Women Entrepreneurs:
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to get Funded.

Want to become investor-ready?

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Want to help a Woman Entrepreneur on her funding journey?

About the Programme: What Makes Us Different

  • Get Matched to become Investor-Ready:

    Our Mentors help Women Entrepreneurs prepare to become ‘Fundable’, to meet the criteria Investors look for before investing.

  • Funding Resources Library:

    Mentees (Women Entrepreneurs) and Mentors have access to a specially curated Library of Resources about funding with a woman entrepreneur focus, online Community and Peer Groups.

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How it Works

Get Started

Build your profile & goals for your 6 month experience

Match Process

Global Invest Her carefully matches Mentors/Mentees


Once matched, Mentors & Mentees connect 2hrs/month over the 6-month partnership


Ask questions and contribute to a global online community with other professionals focused on funding & becoming investor-ready


Use videos, articles, books and other learning activities specifically curated for you to work towards your goals and objectives

* Being global in scope, most of the mentoring will happen remotely, though some mentors/mentees may be located in the same city.

Get a Mentor

Mentee Profile

This mentoring programme is open to all Women Entrepreneurs (Mentees) who have set up their business (or are about to) and are looking for their first rounds of funding up to Series A. If you are going through the funding process for the first time, want to understand what investors look for & how best to get ready, this programme is for you.

Benefits for you

  • • Learn about funding, pitching, communicating with investors, preparing key parts of your business from experienced, motivated professionals (Mentors) who specifically want to help Women Entrepreneurs get funded.
  • • Become more confident about funding and speed up your learning, so you can get back to building your business faster.
  • • Get objective feedback on your business and funding plans and how to deal with investor ‘No’s’ before getting to Yes.
  • • Get suggestions and advice on next steps to work on your business, how to approach investors and adapt your communications, access to industry, sector, geographical experience and networks you may not already have.

Your Commitment

You commit to being part of a mentoring relationship with a carefully matched Mentor for 6 months.

Fee: $599

for 6 month mentoring & Resource Library
(to be paid via Stripe secure payment before signing up to the programme)

By clicking ‘Start Now’ you are accepting our Mentee Manifesto (Code of Ethics)

Be a Mentor

Mentor Profile:

Our Mentors include: successful Entrepreneurs,Investors, Accelerator/Incubator leaders/Mentors, experienced business people from Big Corporate - preferably with experience in the startup world, Academics experienced in Entrepreneurship/Access to Finance to name but a few. You are personally committed to helping a Woman Entrepreneur succeed. You are inspirational and highly experienced.

We are on a mission to get more women entrepreneurs funded and are always looking for experienced professionals, men and women, to help close the Funding Gender Gap, by helping more women entrepreneurs get investor-ready.

Benefits for you

While you won’t get paid for being a mentor, there are lots of other benefits:

  • • Give back to others - help a woman entrepreneur succeed through sharing your extensive business experience
  • • Grow personally by learning how to develop others, get energised by seeing her succeed through your guidance
  • • Learn more about the startup world through accompanying a real entrepreneur on her funding journey
  • • Learn more about the specific funding needs and challenges of women
  • • Get exposure to interesting new people and ideas and identify possible great women-led companies for future investment (though not during the mentoring relationship!).

What's the Commitment?

We know your time is precious, so we only ask you invest 2 hours per month over 6 months.

Often our mentors enjoy the experience so much that they give more time than just the required minimum. That’s up to you!

Make a difference. If you recognise yourself here and want to give back, sign up now!

By clicking ‘Start Now’ you are accepting our Mentee Manifesto (Code of Ethhics)

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