Own the Moment Webinar


Tuesday, April 24th

8 am PST, 11 am EST, 3 pm GMT, 5 pm CET

This Webinar Starts in


Anne Ravanona

Founder & CEO Global Invest Her ®


John Fayad

John Fayad & Company Inc.

Woman Entrepreneurs

During the webinar you will learn about:

  • The World of Funding Today - reality for women
  • The Biases of Male Investors & Why they have them
  • Understanding Gender Differences & why they matter
  • The Limiting Beliefs of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Practical Tips when Pitching to Male Investors

What’s in it for You

  • Practical tips about pitching to male investors to give
    you 'the edge'
  • Build your confidence every time you pitch
  • Gain exclusive knowledge you won’t find anywhere else
  • Frame your presentation of yourself and your ideas to be better
    understood & have more impact on male investors
  • Boost your pitching style through greater gender awareness

What Others are saying

Special Offer: $150


Your Female Founders will

  • Have a working knowledge of gender differences and how those differences show themselves when they are pitching to male investors
  • Understand the source of male investors’ blind spots and prevalent tendencies—much of which is unconscious and unintentional—and use that knowledge to their benefit.
  • Understand the source of women entrepreneurs’ blind spots and how women often hold themselves back by misreading the behaviors and intentions of male investors.
  • Significantly expand their toolset of practical tips on how to best pitch to male investors—from slide content to communication techniques, including body language.

Value to your Accelerator

  • Builds confidence and presentation skills of the Female Founders in your cohorts in prep for Demo Day
  • Shows you actively support Gender Diversity and want to help reduce the Funding Gender Gap
  • Adds a unique offering to your Accelerator program, complementing your current pitch training
  • Continues to add value to your Female Founders, even after they have graduated from your program, through Mastermind Calls.

Special Pricing for Accelerators